B1.1.1 Diet and Exercise Flash Cards

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Flashcards for B1.1.1 Diet and Exercise. These flash cards focus on balanced diet.

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Question Answer
Define: balanced diet A balanced diet is one which provides the correct quantities of nutrients for the body's cells tissues and organs and for supporting normal growth and development  
What is required in a balanced diet ? The carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre and water
What is carbohydrate required for? It is broken down into slow release energy
What is fat required for ? It is used for energy, insulation and protection
What is protein required for ? It is used for growth, repair and the building of amino acids
What are vitamins required for ? For antioxidants
What are minerals required for ? They are used for enzyme function
What is fiber required for ? Fiber aids digestion
Name 4 deficiency diseases Scurvy - Lack of Vitamin C Rickets - Lack of Calcium Anaemia - Lack of Iron Kwashionka - Lack of Vitamin D