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What are the components of the Sensory Pathway? - Receptors - Stimulus
What are the different sensory receptors? - Thermoreceptor - Mechanoreceptor -Chemoreceptors - Photoreceptors - Nociceptors
What are the steps in Sensory Transduction? - A stimulus activates a receptor - A threshold point is reached - Depolarisation of the receptor memebrane occurs (receptor potential) - This results in an Action Potential _ Neurotransmitters act on sensory neurons.
What is a receptive field? An area around a receptor where a stimulus is detected. *Large receptive fields are less precise than small ones*
What is a labelled line? A specific sensory pathway for a specific receptor and sense.
What is lateral Inhibition? The process by which secondary and tertiary neurons are switched off to pinpoint where a sense is being felt.
What is Adaption? The ability of a receptor to change it's response to a stimulus. *2 types of receptors - Tonic & Phasic - Phasic is fast firing, turns off.
What stimulus properties can affect receptors? - Modality (labelled line) - Location (lateral inhibition) - Intensity & Duration (adaption)
What are the 2 main areas in sensory pathways that detect somatic senses? - Primary Sensory Areas (parietal lobe) - Association Areas ( cerebral cortex)
What are the three sensory pathways? - Posterior Column Pathway (fine) - Spinocerebellar Pathway - Spinothalamic Pathway (crude, pain)
What are the 3 types of pain receptors? Mechanical - cutting, pinching Thermal - temp Polymodal - chemical
What are the 2 forms of pain? Fast - mylienated, mechanical & thermal, a-delta fibers, sharp and fast. Slow- unmylienated, polymodal, c fibers, throbbing pain.
What are the steps involved in the Spinothalamic Pathway? - First order neuron enters SC via dorsal horn - Synapses onto second order neuron in dorsal horn - Axon crosses the midline & ascends into thalamus - Here it synapses onto third order neuron which ascends to somatic cortex.
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