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In these flash cards you will find information need for science in term 1 apparatus.

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What is used for heating up small amounts of substances? Test tube and Boiling tube
what is used for containing chemicals or liquids beaker and conical flask
what is used to contain chemicals if the process requires no heating flat bottom flask
what is used for the preparation of gases if the process requires heating round bottom flasks
what is used for the collection of gases gas jar
what is used to contain water when collecting gases water trough
what is used to evaporate a liquid from a solution evaporating dish
what is used to heat solids directly over a flame crucible
what is used to determine the volume of solution to an accuracy of 1cm cube measuring cylinder
what can be used to measure volumes to an accuracy of 0.1cm cube burette
what can be used to determine specific or exact volumes of a substance example 10.0 and 25.0ml pipette
what is used to determine the volume of irregular shaped objects displacement can
what can be used to separating insoluble solid from a liquid with the help of filter paper filter funnel
what can be used to transfer liquids into a flask thistle funnel
what is used to separate an experimental set-up from the outside environment bell jar
what is used like a table to support apparatus during heating tripod stand
what is used with clamps to support apparatus during experiments retort stand
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