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Auto Meaning - Self Example- Automatic
Ous Meaning- Full of Example- Religious
Semi Meaning- Partly/ Half Example-
Ess Meaning- One who(Female) Example- Waitress
Aqua Meaning- Water Examples- Aquamarine
Uni Meaning- Single, One Example- Unicycle
Spec Meaning- Small Examples- Spectacle
Micro Meaning-small Examples- Micrometer
Cred Meaning- believe Examples- Credit
Dem Meaning- People Examples- Democracy
Phon Meaning- Sound Examples- Phone
Photo Meaning- Light Examples- Photosynthesis
Aud Meaning- hear Examples- Audible
Sol/Soli Meaning- See Examples- Solitary
Equ/Equi Meaning- Equal/ fair Examples-Equality
Cred Meaning- Believe Examples- Discredit
Vac Meaning- Empty Examples- Vacuum
Ego Meaning- I Examples- Egoism
Jud/Jur/Jus Meaning- law Examples- Judical
Ian Meaning- People Examples- Titian
Mal Meaning- Bad Examples- Maladjusted
Graph Meaning- Paper Examples- Graphing
Biblio Meaning- Book Examples- Bible
Ist Meaning- One who practices Examples- Biologist
Fore Meaning- Before Examples- Forecast
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