Muscle Movements functions

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A discription of skeletal functional movements controlled by major skeletal muscles

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Biceps Flexes lower arm and supinates palm upwards
Triceps Extends lower arm
Teres major Rotates, abducts humerus and extends shoulder joint
Deltoids Abducts the shoulder, flexes and extends upper arm
Pectorals Flexes and abducts upper arm
Trapezius Elevates and depress scapula
Erector spinae: illocostalis, longissimus and spinalis Extention of the spine
Latissimus dorsi Extends, adducts and rotates the humerus medially (draws the arm back and inwards towards the body)
Rectus abdominus Flexion and rotation of lumbar region of vertebral column
Enternal and internal obliques Lateral flextion of the trunk
Transverse abdominals Constricts abdominal contents, assists in forcing air out of lungs
Gluteus maximus Extends hip, laterally rotates high (assists turn-out)
Quadriceps -rectus femoris -vastus lateralis -vastus medialis -vastus intermedius Extends the knee and lower leg
Hamstrings -semimembranosus -semiteninosus --biceps femoris Flexes the knee and lower leg, extends the thigh and hips
Gastrocnemius Plantar flexion and knee flexion
soleus Plantar flexion
Tibialis anterior Dorsi flexion and inverts the ankles
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