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This flashcard deck outlines the main points of Biotechnology. Biotechnology refers to the use of living things to manufacture useful products. This note would appeal to anyone studying intermediate level biology.

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Biotechnology use of living things or their components (cells and enzymes) to manufacture useful products, or to carry out useful reactions.
Organisms used in Biotechnology micro-organisms, plants or animals
Bioprocessing production of substances using fermentation techniques
Bioprocessing enzyme controlled reactions to produce a product
use of micro-organisms, such as yeast and bacteria in bioprocessing produce foodstuffs such as cheeses, yoghurts, breads, beers and wines
More recent uses of bioprocessing produce antibiotics, drugs, vaccines, methane gas, food colourings and flavours, vitamins, amino acids, sugar sytrups, enzymes and perfumes.
Prevent wasteful use of bioprocessing enzymes are often immobilised or fixed
Production Method in Biotechnology micro-organisms are placed in a container along with a suitable substrate on which they can react
Bioreactor The vessel in which the biological reactions take place
Reasons why contents of the bioreactor are mixed contents of the bioreactor are mixed
use of a foam breaker reduce the foam produced during mixing
Getting Oxygen into the Bioreactor Air is pumped into the vessel
Device used to produce air bubbles when air is passing into the bioreactor Sparger
quality and yield of the product depends on .. bioreactors, elimination of micro-organisms, correct rate of mixing, pH and Temperature
Micro-organisms used in biotechnology Bacteria Fungi
Organism used to produce antibiotics Bacteria, Fungi, Yeast
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