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Edmund Wilson (she is) " a neuritic case of sex repression who's reading is not the be trusted."
Edmund Wilson (the ghosts)"are not real ghosts at all but merely the governess hallucinations."
Henry James "A brave an resourceful woman."
Cranfil and Clark "The children suffer prolonged, helpless, lethally dangerous expose to the mad governess."
Pittok "It is as if she herself has raised Quint by her own massive assault on Miles privacy and so has given him the power to destroy Miles."
Harvey "Her assumption of the role of heroine, savoir and exorcist results in her sending the Mater a psychologically damaged Niece, and the news of his nephews sudden death."
Extract from "An epidemic madness to make them a governess" - Anonymous 1859 "Solitary confinement has been thought too serve a punishment for criminals, but is good enough for a governess..."
Anna Jameson 1846 "granted that out of a thousand women who offer themselves as governess, there is scarcely one qualified for the task - we must grant also that out of a thousand employers, there is scarcely one who has a proper idea of how a governess ought to be treated."
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