2 Pollution (in the Pearl Valley Delta)

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Revision notes on the environmental impact of economic activity particularly focusing on the Pearl Valley Delta region in China

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Give a locational description of the Pearl Valley Delta. (Hint: there are 2 points) South East China Roughly size of Belgium
How many major cities are in the Pearl Valley region? (Bonus: how many people are employed in manufacturing across them all? 9 major cities 30 million employees
Give the names of 6 of the Delta's major cities. Shenzen Dongguan Zhuhai Zhongshan Shunde Guanzhou
Give 3 details about Shenzen's production. 70% of world's photocopiers 80% of world's artificial Christmas trees 6th largest container terminal
Give 2 details about Dongguan's production. Specialises in running shoes 80 000 employees in one factory
Give 3 main produces of Zhuhai. Computer games Consoles Golf clubs
Give the main produce of Zhongshan. World's major centre of electric lighting industry
Give the main produce of Shunde. World's largest centre for production of microwave ovens
Give 6 main produces or exports of Guangzhou. Export-only Honda car plant Pharmaceuticals Food Beverages Chemicals Electrical appliances
What percentage of China's total industrial output does the Delta contribute? 10%
How have urbanisation rates in the area changed? (Hint: give specific figures) Increased from 28% to 83%
How has the population of the region changes? (Hint: give specific figures and dates) 1990: 20 million Now: Over 60 million
What is the Pearl Valley Delta expected to develop into? (Bonus: who encourages this?) A megacity where all main cities merge to form a massive industrial/urban complex Over 110 million inhabitants Encouraged by the Chinese Government
What are the 3 main environmental problems in the Pearl Valley Delta? Air pollution Water pollution Deforestation
What 3 things contribute to air pollution in the Delta? Chemicals and metal manufacturing Power stations Vehicles
What 2 particular types of air pollution are problematic in the Delta? (Bonus: give details) Smog - Gathering of gases and particles in lower atmosphere Acid rain - pH of below 4.8
What 2 problems does smog cause? Damaging to people's health Physically dirty - filth on buildings
What 4 negative effects does acid rain have? Impact on drinking water and health Damage to vegetation and crops Impact on lakes and fisheries Corrosive to buildings and cars
What is the cause of water pollution in the Delta? Pollutants and sewage pumped into rivers from major industrial areas
What kind of chemicals are responsible for the pollution? (Hint: there are 4) Heavy metals Nitrates Ammonia Petrol
Give 3 figures relating to the quantity of pollutants being pumped into rivers. 8, 655 tonnes of heavy metals AND 65,637 tonnes of nitrates and ammonia annually 50% of water pumped in in Guangdong compared to 40% nationally
What 4 negative impacts does the poor water quality have? Unsafe to swim in Fish stocks decimated - loss of livelihood Unfit to drink Death OR toxic contamination of crops
Why has deforestation occurred in the Delta? Urban expansion - land clearance for factories AND housing
What 2 problems are cause by deforestation? (Hint: the second has 2 consequences) Loss of carbon sink Soil erosion (root systems bind) - releases lots of sediment - river beds clogged with alluvium (top soils) - flooding AND poor water quality
Why is the Government reluctant to act against this pollution? Support for rapidly expanding industry
What 3 measures have the Government introduced to combat air pollution? Strict limits for new factories Retrofitting on old factories e.g. flue filters and scrubbers Vehicle emission controls
What 2 measures have the Government introduced to combat air pollution? High sewage treatment charges Stricter controls on unregulated discharges with an inspectorate to monitor
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