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Revision flashcards for depth study one - bushfires. Taken from notes, not the syllabus.

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Where do bushfires occur? All over Australia Sclerophyllous forests Dry forests Areas with lots of fuel
Human environments affected by bushfires Residential areas Farms National Parks Towns
Who are the stake holders in the Black Saturday Bushfires? Residents/homeowners Family members of victims local government insurance companies volunteers (CFA) emergency services local business
List the factors that cause bushfires to occur Temperature inversion Fuel Weather Topography/slope
List some of the species of trees found in Sclerophyllous forests Wandoo - white gum Jarrah Marri - red gum Karri Tingle
List some understory species of the Sclerophyllous forests (small trees and shrubs etc.) Acacia - wattle Prickly Moses Black Boys - Grasstrees Dryandra Hakea
List the uses of the Sclerophyllous forest Biodiversity Recreation Tourism National Parks Farming Timber Logging/manufacturing wood urbanisation water catchment Nurseries Firewood Research of species
Characteristics of Sclerophyllous forests mostly composed of eucalypts Leaves adapted to dry Australian climate Hard leaf trees and plants Trees don't droop in summer very little moisture in leaves because of lack of scleroid cells in leaf sinker root that can break through rocks for water sinker roots prevent salinity by stopping water table rising
How are Bushfires measured? Measured by their intensity (amount of energy that is released from each metre of fire edge) in KW/m
How are Bushfires recorded? Emergency Management Australia records all natural hazards in Australia
How are bushfires predicted? Weather conditions give information on location and intensity of bushfires
What was the estimated total cost of the Black Saturday bushfires? $4.4 Billion
How many lives were lost in the Black Saturday bushfires? What was the cost of these lives? 173 $645 million
Total amount of insurance claims caused by the Black Saturday Bushfires $1.2 Billion
How many animals died in the Black Saturday Bushfires? More than 1 million
Define vulnerability Measure of an inability to cope with a hazard e.g. a town is very vulnerable to bushfires if many homes have fuel in gutters etc.
Define resilience Capacity to recover from a hard event e.g. rebuilding homes and buildings
Define adaptation Change in behavior to minimise future loss e.g. reducing fuel around homes to prevent future bushfires destroying houses
What were some examples of the stakeholders vulnerability during the Black Saturday bushfires? 000 couldn't handle amount of calls coming in Metropolitan police use digital whilst rural police use analogue radio Fire trails were overgrown & couldn't be used Build up of fuel in rural areas
How can some of the stakeholders in the Black Saturday bushfires reduce their vulnerability? Residents: Make sure vegetation and fuel kept to minimum Evacuation plans Emergency Services: Compatible Met. and Rural radios Capacity to take large number of calls Local Government: Fire trails maintained Correct management of rural areas to prevent build up of fuel etc.
What are some examples of the resilience of stakeholders from the Black Saturday bushfires? evidence of a rise in suicides, alcohol and drug abuse Family violence increased unhappiness about block buybacks Houses incomplete because of fireproofing and construction cost 20 of the 67 recommendations from the royal commission have not been completed More than $379 million donated to Victorian Bushfire Appeal fund
Give some examples of how the stakeholders in the Black Saturday bushfires could adapt to reduce the risk of the hazard occurring again Revise bushfire safety plan. Prepare Act Survive Introduce comprehensive approach to shelter options Identify and respond to radio black spots Report annually on outcome of prescribed burns Implement program of bushfire risk assessments for all roads in the state
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