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What is an entity? A real world object which can have information stored about it
What are attributes? Details about the entity
What are relationships? They connect separate tables that have things in common
What are the columns of a database table called? The fields
What are the rows of a database table called? The records
What is the primary key? A filed that holds data that is unique for each record
How are relational databases linked? Using primary key fields
What is a foreign key? When the primary key filed from one table is included in another table so that they can be joined
Benefits of relational databases Prevent data redundancy Does not take up as much space and memory Does not require new data to be added every time you enter a new record
What is a query? A database search used to find specific records
How can logical operators be used in framing database queries? They can be combined to narrow down the search
What is a form? Used to enter data into a database Only required if the database needs a user to enter data Make it clear what data should be input
What is a report? Used to export data Present data in a way that is easy to read
What is a module? Pre-written programs You can edit modules in the programming language and add your own procedures
What is validation? Database fields have validation rules to make sure that the data entered follows the expected format
What is a presence check? Checks that something has been entered Checks the field is not empty (required fields)
What is a length check? Checks that a certain number of characters have been entered
What is a range check? Checks that any value entered is between a minimum and maximum value Only applies to numbers
What is a type check? Checks the data type e.g. integer, decimal, string
What is a format check? Checks the data follows the specified pattern of characters / digits e.g. dd/mm/yyyy to check a date An input mask is used to ensure that the data is in the required formated
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