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Advantages of Relational databases Data doesnt have to be duplicated, this reduces the risk of errors. Less data makes the file smaller so it is likely to run quicker. Quicker to use as the main data would already be there and only new data has to be added.
What is a Flat File database? Where all of the data in the database is stored in one table
What is a relational database? Where data is stored in separate sensible tables and then a link (relationship) is established between the tables connecting them together
Disadvantages of Flat File databases Data is often repeated as information is needed again for different events...e.g.when a person comes to the doctors with a different problem than before they will have a new record created for the new problem. With repeating data there is a higher risk of inputting errors. With repeated data the file size is larger and could make the computer slower.
Advantages of Flat File databases It is very easy to set up and requires no real training to set up or use
Disadvantages of Relational databases It is complex and difficult to set up. The fields that are linked must contain the same data otherwise the connection won't work. The user must be familiar with navigating between the tables.
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