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wat is matter? Matter is defined as anything that has mass & inertia
Wat possesses matter? Mater possesses energy
Wat other name we can give to matter? "Body" "Substance refeting to a particulare portions"
How can we group matter? Organic InorganicM.
Wat is Organic M? All living things
Wat is Inorganic M? All inanimate objects or non-living things
How can Matter be mesured? We use magnitude to determine the unit of mesurment
Enumerate types of Magnitude? Longitude Mass Time Temperture Volume Surface or Area Force
Enumerate the System of mesurment MKS CGS English system
Wat does MKS stands for? Meter kilogram System
Wat does CGS stand for? Centimeter Gram System
How can we mesure Longitude? Meter Centimeter Foot
How can we mesure mass? Kilogram Gram Pound
How can we mesure time? Seconds
How can we mesure Temperature? Kelvins Degrees Celsius Degrees Fahrenheit
How can Volume be mesured? Cubic Meters Cubic Centimeters Pint
How can Surface be mesured? Square Meter Square Centimeter square feet
How can Force be mesured? Newton Dyne Poundal
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