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List five important features of neutral posture. •Chin parallel to the floor •shoulders relaxed •knees relaxed, pelvis gently tucked in •Feet standing Hips width apart •Lengthen the body through the spine
Why is neutral posture important? Posture is important because it allows full access to the breath and keeps the body free of tension.
Name 5 exercises that are useful in warming up the body? •Star jumps •Shoulder rolls or windmills •stretching •Teeth washing •Sirens or Lip Trills
Describe FVF constriction and retraction The FVFs engage and cover/protect the true vocal folds when swallowing, lifting and and stretching. If FVF closure happens hen singing the tone will be percieved to be strained and the singer will feel a tightening in their larynx. The FVF MUST be retracted during singing, especially as the pitch rises. Retraction of the FVF feels like the position of a laugh inside the larynx.
Describe recoil breathing for singing Duribg inhalation the lower abdominal muscles must be relaxed so the diaphragm can descend freely, allowing air to flow into the lower part of the lungs, which in turn will be felt in the lower back and floating ribs. During exhalation the diaphragm should slowly return to its natural position, allowing a steady stream of minimum breath to leave the body. Control of the diaphragm is achieved by engaging external muscles to slow the descent.
What are 3 important aspects of breathing which a singer must develop? •To be able to control the escape of the air through appropriate onsets •To use minimum amount of breath at all times •To release the lower abdominal muscles as you are inhaling
What is the definition of onset of sound? Onset is the co-ordination of breath and vocal fold closure to produce sound.
Describe the 3 sets of Onset •GLOTTAL-The vocal folds start together and then the breath lightly bursts through, leading to a thick vocal fold mass •ASPIRATE/BREATHY-Breath proceeds vocal fold closure, meaning the vocal folds won't touch throughout this onset •SMOOTH-Breath and vocal fold closure begin together, leading to a thin vocal fold mass
How is cry/tilt helpful for singers when working over their break? As pitch rises the conditions in the larynx mist change for the sound to remain effortless. Cry/tilt is helpful when singing over your break as this technique tilts the larynx and takes the pressure off the vocal folds, allowing the folds to thin slightly, and the sound to remain free.
Why should the tongue remain in a high position during singing? Kiwi vocalist tend to sing with a flatter tongue which the larynx needs freedom to rise for the pitch to rise but the tongue gets in the way. The tongue resting on the top of the back morals gives the larynx freedom to move appropriately.
State 2 reasons why vocal warm ups are important to vocalists? •Helps to warm up the muscles before the higher intensity of performance. •Vocal warm ups enable you to sing all the range more easily.
Draw in and label the diaphragm and floating ribs on this picture of the rib cage.
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