Chapter 9 Ethics In Sports Medicine Short Essay Section

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Members shall respect the rights, welfare and dignity of all. Principle 1
Members shall comply with the laws and regulations governing the practice of athletic training. Principle 2
Members shall maintain and promote high standards in their provision of services. Principle 3
Members shall not engage in conduct that could be construed as a conflict of interest or that reflects negatively on the profession. Principle 4
Meaning that the athletic trainer is directly involved in the situation as a person who has behaved in an ethically questionable manner or who is the victim of an unethical act committed by another person Primary Party
3 most common or serious situations in which an athletic trainer might become a primary party 1. Breach of confidentially 2. Conflict of interests 3. Exploitation
Violation of a commitment to privacy and protection of info or communications When the athletic trainer shares information with others than those responsible for the athlete's care Breach of confidentiality
When the interests of one individual or group are in competition with those of another individual or group Conflict of interests
The intentional use of another person or group of persons to achieve a selfish objective Exploitation
Name the 3 approaches to ethical decision making 1. Egoism 2. Utilitarianism 3. Formalism
Involves athletic trainer's making decisions that result in the greatest benefit to themselves Egoism
Involves choosing a course of action that benefits the greatest number of people Utilitarianism
Most likely to be followed by an athletic trainers who see a clear and professional duty that they believe should be implemented universally Formalism
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