Computer Systems

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The 3 components of a computer system Inputs -> Processing -> Outputs.
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Dedicated System A computer system dedicated to only one task e.g. A computer controlling a robotic arm in a car factory.
Embedded System A system which is part of a larger mechanical or electrical system e.g. A washing machine controller.
General Purpose System A computer system used for many different purposes. For instance, playing music, playing games, email, internet browsing e.g. A Master-Race machine.
Examples of Computer Systems Tablet computer, Digital watch, Smart phone, Digital washing machine, Smart TV, Laptop, Personal computer, Microwave system.
Computer system A piece of electrical equipment that is designed to take an input, process it and give a desired output.
Peripherals Peripherals are auxiliary devices that connect to and work with computer (Not limited to physical connections) e.g. Wireless & Wired Printers, computer mice, keyboards, headphones.
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