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What is off the shelf software? 'Ready-made' for all users Readily available relatively cheap Plenty of support Thoroughly tested and updates available May not have features you need and lots that you will never use
Give examples of off the shelf software Word processors Spreadsheets
What is custom written or bespoke software? Specially developed for a user or organisation Has all of the features required Will function as user requires No unused features Relatively expensive Will take time to develop and test Users may need training No books and Internet tutorials will be available Dependant on the developer for upgrades, support and removal of bugs
What is open source software? Software whose source code is available for modification or enhancement by anyone Is free to use Under license, users who modify the code must pass it on without payment Cheaper for users and organisations to use Users can adapt it to suit their needs Constant upgrades are available A community of dedicated enthusiasts will provide free support
Give examples of open source software Open Office Linux Android
What is proprietary or closed source software? Source code cannot be modified by anyone by the person, team or organisation who created it and maintains exclusive control over it Users must agree, by signing a license that they will not do anything with the software that the software's authors have not expressly permitted More expensive for users and organisations Makers will provide support and updates Makers will not adapt it for needs of individual users
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