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GCSE science physics p1.4-1.5

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What type of current CANNOT be transferred efficiently over long distances? D.C (Direct Current)
What type of current CAN be transported over long distances? A.C (Alternating Current)
What type of current do BATTERIES produce? D.C (Direct Current)
What type of current does MAINS ELECTRICITY produce? A.C ( Alternating Current)
How much VOLTAGE does MAINS ELECTRICITY have? 230V
What are the two groups that energy can be split into? Renewable and Nonrenewable.
Name 6 renewable energy sources. Wind, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Tidal, Wave, Solar.
Name 3 fossils fuels. Coal, Oil and Gas.
How do power stations work? 1) an energy source is burned 2) this heats the water 3) The water turns to steam 4) The steam turns a turbine 5) The turbine generates electricity
Name 3 harmful effects of burning FOSSIL FUELS. Carbon Dioxide release, Sulfur dioxide and nitric oxides release and ash clouds.
What is NUCLEAR FISSION? Splitting the atoms of uranium to produce large amounts of energy.
What is BIOFUEL? BIOMASS that has been processed to produce a more useful fuel.
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