TRF Plant adaptations

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Drip Tip Leaves Adaptation cope with high rainfall enable rain drops to run off quickly have a waxy coating
Drip Tip Leaves Advantage Waxy- prevents water evaporating in the hot conditions drip tip- shed water to avoid growth of fungus and bacteria also stops rot the trees wouldn't be able to photosynthesise if covered in water helps direct water to the forest floor to be taken in by the roots
Buttress Roots Adaptation massive ridges near the base: they stretch from the ground up the trunk and help to anchor the tree to the ground sometimes as high as 15ft
Buttress Roots Advantage shallow layer of fertile soils, so trees need shallow roots to reach the nutrients but they won't support huge trees so the roots provide extra stability so trees can reach the top layers without collapsing
Creepers- Lianas Adaptation climbing woody vines that start on the forest floor and use the trees to climb up to the canopy where they spread from tree to tree grow up to 3,000 feet
Creepers- Lianas Advantage This allows them to get as much sunlight as possible, in order to grow and survive
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