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Question Answer
What is ICT The use of technology for the input processing, storage and output of data and information.
What is an ICT system Where the output goes directly to a human or another ICT system ac553fca-b6bc-44c4-94ae-2a06a4245e53.png (image/png)
What are the components of an ICT system People Procedures Data Information Hardware Software
What is data Raw and unprocessed, no context.
What is Information Data that has been processed and given a context.
Different forms of data Text Image Moving image Sound
What is encoding Encoding data to input into an ICT system means that the computer can understand and process it e.g. binary.
What is coding information Coding information on collection will allow for more effective processing. coding is the shortening of information so that it is more accurate e.g. Blue-bl
Factors the effect information Relevance Up to date Accuracy
How data can arise Data can be collected electronically or manually. Direct- collected for its sole purpose by the person who is going to use it. Indirectly- bought from someone else.