C2: Chemicals from the sea

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All information is sourced from the Collins revision textbook, GCSE OCR Gateway B Higher.

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Salt is mined in cheshire in two different ways, can you name these ways? Simply mining it from the ground as rock salt. Solution mining by pumping in water and extracting saturated salt solution (brine).
Can you name the two problems with mining salt? It can lead to subsidence, this is where the mine sinks causing landslides. Salt on the surface, can escape and affect habitats.
How is the brine separated? By electrolysis.
Is hydrogen or chlorine made at the cathode or the anode? Hydrogen is made at the cathode and chlorine is made at the anode.
What forms in the solution? Sodium hydroxide forms in the solution.
Na+ and H+ ions migrate to the cathode or anode? They migrate to the negative cathode.
What migrates to the positive anode? CL- and OH-
What is the equation for reduction? 2H+ + 2e- --> H2
What is the equation for oxidation? 2Cl- - 2e- --> Cl2
What is the equation if ions not discharged make sodium hydroxide solution? Na+ OH --> Na Oh
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