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What are elements? Elements are the most basic materials for building the world around you
What are atoms? The building blocks of every substance
How many types of atoms are there? 100
How many combinations can you make with different atoms? Countless
What is used to look at atoms? STM
What does STM stand for? Scanning Tunnelling Microscope
What are elements made up of? One type of atom
What are unique sets of characteristics referred to? Properties
What are some properties of metallic elements? They tend to be shiny, solid at room temperature, good conductors of heat and electricity, can be hammered and bent into sheets and can be stretched into wires.
What are some properties of non-metallic elements? They tend to be dull, not able to conduct heat or electricity and break or crumble when you bend them.
Is helium metallic or non-metallic? Non-metallic
Is chlorine metallic? No
How many elements are there? 118
How many are naturally formed? 92
How many are man made? 26
What is the lightest element? Hydrogen
What is the heaviest element? Ununoctium
What is the periodic table? A table where all the known elements are displayed
What are single atoms called? Monatomic
What are clusters of atoms called? Molecules
What are large grid like structures called? Lattices
How many monatomic elements are there? 6
What is carbon? An incredibly versatile element and can be found in many different forms
What is graphite? A form of carbon that has carbon atom sheets stacked on top of another
What is diamond? Diamond is another form of carbon but the carbon atoms in it are tightly bonded to each other in a rigid crystal lattice
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