C2: Construction materials

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All information is sourced from the Collins revision textbook, GCSE OCR Gateway B Higher.

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How is the hardness of two materials compared? By rubbing them together, the softer one will chip away.
If the raw material is clay, what is the building material? The building material is brick..
If the raw material is limestone and clay, the building material is? The building material is cement.
If the raw material is sand, the building material is? The building material is glass.
Why are expensive looking buildings misleading? Many building look like they are made from one expensive material. However they are made with cheaper materials, and lined with a expensive one.
How is a sedimentary rock formed? It is formed form soft sediments compressed together, this making them a soft rock.
How is metamorphic rock formed? This is formed when soft sediments are compressed together, like a sedimentary rock, but it is then changed by extreme heat and pressure.
How is igneous rock formed? This is formed when magma cools and solidifies.
Give an example of a sedimentary rock, and describe it's hardness. Limestone, soft rock.
Give an example of a metamorphic rock, and describe it's hardness. Marble, hard but not as hard as a igneous rock.
Give an example of an igneous rock, and describe it's hardness. Granite, the hardest.
What does the size of a igneous rock's interlocking crystals suggest? The slower the magma cools the bigger the interlocking crystals will be.
What is a thermal decomposition reaction? This is reaction where one substance breaks down during heating to make two new substances.
What is the thermal decomposition reaction equation when calcium carbonate is heated? Calcium carbonate --> calcium oxide + carbon dioxide
How is concrete made? It is made by mixing cement, sand and small stones, with water.
What is the thermal decompostion reaction symbol equation for calcium carbonate? CaCO3 --> CaO + CO2
What is a composite material? This is a material that has at least two materials that still can be distinguished.
What is reinforced concrete? This is concrete with steel rods or meshes running through it.
Describe concrete's strength. It is strong under compression but weak under tension.
If heavy loads are applied to a concrete beam, what happens? The beam will crack under tension, and eventually break.
Describe reinforced concrete's strength. It is harder and more flexible than normal concrete.
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