20 mysteries of the rosary

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List the sorrowful mysteries (i) The agony in the garden, (ii) The scourging at the pillar, (iii) The crowning of thorns, (iv) The carrying of the cross, (v) The crucifixion.
List the joyful mysteries (i) The annunciation, (ii) The visitation, (iii) The nativity, (iv) The presentation, (v) The finding of Jesus in the temple
List the luminous mysteries (i) The baptism of the lord, (ii) The wedding at Cana, (iii) The proclamation of the kingdom, (iv) The transfiguration, (v) The institution of the Eucharist.
List the glorious mysteries (i) The resurrection, (ii) The Ascension, (iii) The descent of the Holy Spirit, (iv) The assumption, (v) The coronation.
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