C2: Fertilisers

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All information is sourced from the Collins revision textbook, GCSE OCR Gateway B Higher.

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Why do farmers use fertilisers? The worlds population is rising, this meaning more food is needed. Fertilisers increase crop yields.
What must be done to fertilisers before they are sprayed on the crops? The fertiliser must be dissolved in water before they can be absorbed by the plant roots. This is because only dissolved substances are small enough to be absorbed.
How do fertilisers increase crop yields? -Replacing essential nutrients used by the previous crop. -Providing nitrogen in plant protein to increase growth.
Name the a disadvantage of using fertilisers. Excessive use of fertilisers can pollute water supplies.
Some fertilisers dissolve easily, but what are other fertilisers designed to do? To slowly release a small amount of fertiliser over a long time.
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