Structure and plates of the Earth

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riquiel lafleur
Created by riquiel lafleur over 3 years ago
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Question Answer
Name the parts of the Earth's structure. The crust The mantle The outer core The inner core
What are tectonic plates composed of ? They are composed of the crust and part of the upper mantle.
What is magma ? Magma is molten rock within the Earth's mantle.
True or false The Earth's crust is a continuous layer. False The Earth's crust is not a continuous layer around the planet but a number of irregular pieces that fit together like a puzzle.
What is an oceanic ridge? An oceanic ridge is a newly formed region of the oceanic crust.
What is the collision of plates felt as? The collision is felt as earthquakes.
How many types of plates are there? There are two types of plates. Oceanic plates and Continental plates
What are the three movements of plates? The three movements are 1- Converging 2- Diverging 3-Transform
Name the major plates The Pacific plate The North American plate The South American plate The African plate The Eurasian plate(Europe and Asia) The Indo-Australian plate(India and Austrialia)