Lymphoid Organs & Lymphocytic Traffic

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Role of Lymphoid Organs Origin or initiation of lymph cells
Central Thymus & Bone Marrow
Bone Marrow B cell production & maturation
Thymus Maturation of T-Cells
Peripheral Lymph Nodes, spleen, peyers patches
Peyers Patches T/B cell activity & antigen trapping collections of cells
Lymph Node Encapsulations of B cells connected by lymph vessels
MALT Mucosa Associated Lymphatic Tissue i.e Peyers Patches, tonsils
Role of Lymphocytic Traffic Immune surveillance that allows activation of lymphocytes at site of infection
Immune Surveillance Constant recirculation of lymphocytes to maximise antigen/pathogen detection
Lymphocyte recirculation Pass from blood --> Lymph System (if antigen is not present it moves back into the blood)
Encountering Specific Antigen Lymphocyte proliferates clonally
Naive lymphocyte L. that has not yet encountered antigen it's specific for (recirculate constantly)
Effector Cell Activated (armed) lymphocyte by its antigen
Memory Cell location Spread throughout host to help recognise recurring antigens
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