Math Expressions Unit 4

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Equations and Word Problems

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A statement that two expressions are equal. It has an equal sign. Ex.: 32 + 45 = 77 (4 x 5 -2) / 6 = 3 Equation
One or more numbers, variables, or numbers and variables with one or more operations. Ex.: 8 - x 12 + 5 Expression
Combine like terms and perform operations until all terms have been combined. Ex.: n + 5n combined would be 6n Simplify an expression
Substitute a value for a letter (or symbol) and then simplify the expression. Ex.: a = 4 18 - (a + 5) = ___ Evaluate
The result of subtracting. Difference
The answer when adding two or more addends. Sum
An equation that shows the structure of the information in a problem. Situation equation
An equation that shows the operation that can be used to solve the problem. The variable is all alone. Solution equation
A pair of whole numbers whose product is that number. Factor pair
Describe quantities as greater than, less than, or equal to each other. Compare
Bars that represent the larger amount and smaller amount in a situation. Comparison bars
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