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BATTLE OF BOSWORTH Henry Tudor defeats Richard III 1485
Henry VIII born 1491
Death of Prince Arthur + Papal Dispensation to allow Prince Henry to marry Catherine of Aragon 1502
Elizabeth of York dies 1503
Henry VIII becomes King marries Catherine releases political prisoners executes Empson and Dudley 1509
Baby Henry born and dies + England joins the Holy League against France movement towards war 1511
Joins with Spain to attack France betrayed by Ferdinand embarrassing recall 1512
The Battle Of The Spurs invade France alliance with Maximillan Tournai and Therovonne + Battle Of Flodden Field Catherine against Scotland 1513
Anglo-French Treaty got Tournai and pension 1514
Death of Louis XII Francis new king + Act of Resumption + Wolsey imprisons Virgil 1515
Death of Ferdinand Charles now king + Birth of Mary 1516
Martin Luther 95 Theses + Peace Of Cambrai Spain, France and Holy Roman Empire , England left out 1517
Treaty Of London Non aggression and collective security Wolsey puts England at the centre + Wolsey Papal Legate 1518
Death of Maximillian Charles becomes Holy Roman Emperor Upsets power balance England important potential ally 1519
The Field Of The Cloth Of Gold England and France + Treaty with Charles V 1520
Henry writes Defence Of The Seven Sacraments and becomes Defender of the Faith 1521
Wolsey breaks up Anne Boleyn's engagement to Henry Percy 1522
Tudor Subsidy new way of taxing, £44000 -> 64000 + War against France England got close to Paris but Charles failed costly 1523
Battle of Pavia Spain vs France massive loss for France + Amicable Grant Wolsey, forced loan, rebellion 1525
Obsession with Anne Boleyn + Joined League of Cognac 1526
Kings Great Matter goes public + Treaty of Westminster France and England against Spain nothing happens 1527
War on Charles V trade embargo bad harvest and unemployment humiliating 1528
Catherine appeals Blackfriars (Campeggio) Wolsey arrested for Praemenure Thomas More - Lord Chancellor Treaty of Cambria (Charles+Francis) Reformation parliament 1529
Scholars for divorce + Colectanea Satis Copiosa supports king as head of church + Death of Wolsey 1530
Henry VIII - Sole Protector and Supreme Head of the English Church and State 1531
Cromwell reduces church power + Act in Conditional restraint of Annates + Thomas More resigns + Submission of the Clergy + Anne Pregnant 1532
Henry and Anne marry + Act in Restraint of Appeals + Annulement secured + More snubs Annes coronation + Elizabeth born + Pope referred to as Bishop of Rome 1533
Act of Supremacy + Treason Law + Act of succession (no Mary) + Elizabeth Barton executed + More arrested + Oath of Succession 1534
John Fisher executed + More executed + Henry begins courting Jane Seymore (beginning of end for Anne) + Valor Ecclesicastius 1535
Catherine dies (yellow) Act of Dissolution of the Lesser Monastries Court of Augmentations Anne Boleyn executed for adultery (19th May) Marries Jane Seymor (30th May) Act of Union Act of Ten Articles Lincolnshire Rebellion Pilgrimage of Grace Council of the North 1536
Edward Born + Jane dies ( Henry devastated) + Bishops book 1537
Attacks on Shrines Excommunicated (17th December) John Lambert Executed Matthew Bible 1538
Act of Dissolution of larger monasteries + Act of Six Articles + French and Papal ambassadors withdrawn 1539
Marries and Annuls Anne of Cleves + Court of the First Fruits and Tenths + Cromwell Arrested and Beheaded + Marries Catherine Howard 1540
Meeting arranged between Henry and James V of Scotland but James doesn't turn up 1541
Catherine Howard Executed + Invasion of Scotland + Victory at Soloway Moss James killed but opportunity wasted 1542
Alliance with Charles against France Act for the Advancement of the True Religion Kings Book Treaty of Greenwich Marries Catherine Parr Rough Wooing 1543
English Litany Burning of Edinburgh Invasion of France Protestant Sir john Cheke - Edwards Tutor Capture of Boulogne Peace of Crepy 1544
Scottish Victory at Ancrum Moor + French Fleet in Isle of Wight 1545
Kings Book 1543
Wolsey Papal Legate 1518
Wolsey Lord Chancellor 1515
Holy League 1511
Act Of Resumption 1515
Act Of Supremacy 1534
Cromwell Executed 1540
Anne Boleyn executed for Adultery 19th May 1536
Pilgrimage of Grace 1536
Act of Ten Articles 1536
Catherine Of Aragon dies 1536
Act Of Union 1536
Dissolution of the Lesser Monastries 1536
Henry marries Jane Seymore 30th May 1536
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