Catecholamine Action

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Basis of Catcholamines Tyrosine- made into a catechol ring & a modifiable amide base
Noradrenaline- Location Central nervous system and sympathetic nervous system
Noradrenaline- Action Generally inhibitory
Noradrenaline- Method of work Hyperpolarisation
Noradrenaline- Excess Mania
Noradrenaline- Deficiency Depression
Dopamine- Location A central nervous system
Dopamine- Action Primarily inhibitory
Dopamine- Excess Schitzophrenia/Psychosis
Dopamine- Deficiency Parkinsons
Adrenaline- Production Chromaffin cells in adrenal medulla
Adrenaline- Location CNS
Adrenaline- Action Fight or flight response
Hypertension- Catcheolamines Increased CA's increase vascular tone and blood pressure
CA Production- Tyrosine Basis of all CA's
CA Production- DOPA Created from tyrosine using Tyrosine Hydroxylase
CA Production- Dopamine Produced from DOPA using DOPA decarboxylase
CA Production- Noradrenaline Created from Dopamine using Dopamine-Beta-Hydroxylase (found in vesicles, where it's stored)
Adrenaline Created from Noradrenaline using Phenylethanolamine & S-Adenosyl Methionine, and is stored in vesicles
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