Noradrenergic Drugs

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Alpha-Methyl-P-Tyrosine- Method of Action Competitive inhibitor of tyrosine hydroxylase
Alpha-Methyl-P-Tyrosine- Effect Inhibits catecholamine synthesis
Alpha-Methyl-P-Tyrosine- Treats Hypertension
Alpha-Methyl-DOPA- Mode of Action Outcompetes DOPA for DOPA decarboxylase
Alpha-Methyl-DOPA- Effect Inhibits catecholamine synthesis, but converted by pathway in to less active form of noradrenaline
Alpha-Methyl-DOPA- Treats Hypertension
Reserprine- Mode of Action Blocks storage vesicles, preventing dopamine storage
Reserprine- Effect NA accumulates in the cytoplasm and is destroyed by Monoamine Oxidase
Reserprine- Treats Psychosis and hypertension
Reserprine- Major Side Effect Depression
Guanathidine- Mode of Action Displaces noradrenaline from the vesicle
Guanathidine- Effect NA is broken down by Monoamine Oxidase
Guanethidine- Treats Blood pressure (red. cardiac output & causes vasodilation)
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