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what is a change another element called transmutation
when does a beta decay occur nucleus ejects a beta particle
what atom makes up most of the word stable nuclei
are all isotopes radioactive no only some isotopes are
what are unstable atoms known as radioisotopes
how much atoms have unstable nuclei tiny fraction
what are nuclear radiation described as any rays or articles released by atomic nuclei
what can gamma radiation do can travel through skin, bone and aluinum
is gamma radiation VERY dangerous for human yes because it can cause death
how far can alpha radiation travel i air only a few centimetres
can you find radiation beig used in your house yes if you have a smoke alarm
why is gamma radiation dangerous because it is made by electromagnetic waves not particles
what is radiation commonly used for process of sterilisation
does radiation cause cancer to grow yes it does
is radiation used for cancer treatment yes and in fact it is one of the most important
three types of radiation gamma radiation, useful radiation and beta radiation
can radiation be beneficial for us yes if we used it correctly
what is radiation often used for medical treatment and diagnosis
what can alpha particles be stopped by by a sheet of paper or by deadskin
does gamma radiation have any mass no it does not have any mass
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