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When were all opposition parties illegal? August 1933
What is the Red Shock Troop An SPD group, in 1933 they published a newspaper Red Shock Troop, built up a membership of about 3,000. December, the leaders were arrested and sent to conc camps
What is the White Rose Group? Group of students in Munich, distributing anti-Nazi material - caught and executed
From July 1921 - July 1944 how many attempts were there to assassinate Hitler? 15
What did Lieutenant Claus von Stautfanberg do? July 1944, left a bomb in a briefcase in a conference room. Hitler survived with minor injuries
When did the Nazi's imprison two bishops for speaking out against the Nazi's and what happened? October 1934, protests and they were released
Why did the army find it difficult to oppose Hitler? They had sworn an oath of loyalty to Hitler
What is the SOPADE? The SPD outside of the country
In what ways did workers try to sabotage the Nazis? Lightning strikes, working slowly, damaging machinery and reporting in sick when they were not.
What was the Decree for the Protection of The People and The State? Brought about on 28th February 1933. Allowed the Nazis to ban publications and also suspend civil rights to search homes and workplaces and take people into protective custody without taking them to trial
What change did Goebbels make to radio stations on 25th March 1933? Told all radio controllers that radio stations served the government so they had to express Nazi ideology and follow the governments instructions
Who is Goebbels? Minister of propaganda
What did Hitler's decree on 4th October 1933 on the papers mean? Made the content of the paper, the responsibility of the editor and made it a crime for the editor to publish anything that might weaken the Third Reich
Give a statistic which shows the increase in Nazi newspapers In 1932 there were 59 with 780,000 readers and by the end of 1933 there were 86 with just over 3 million readers
How many non-Jewish people were sent to concentration camps between 1933-1945? Over 500,000
When was the Gestapo set up and by who? April 1933 - Herman Goering
What was the People's Courts purpose? Set up in Berlin 1934. To try people accused of being traitors to the Third Reich. It had 2 judges and 5 other members
What did the Furher myth make people do? Made people willing to make sacrifices for Hitler
Give an example of a Nazi slogan or piece of propaganda 'One people, one Reich, one Fuhrer Presenting a Jewish man as ugly
What was the cheapest and most available radio? The People's Receiver. In 1939, over 70% of the population owned a radio
How much was reduced for each child from the 1000 mark loan on marriage? 250 marks
How many children did you need to have to receive a medal of honor? 4
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