Relative Atomic, Isotopic, Molecular And Formula Masses


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Relative Isotopic Mass (RIM) mass of one atom of the isotope _______________ 1/12 the mass of a C-12 atom
Isotopes of C-12 was chosen as standard because 1) C-12 is abundant in nature. 2) It can be easily identified in a mass spectrometer. 3) easy to handle since it exists as a solid at r.t. and pressure.
Relative atomic mass (Ar) average mass of an atom of the element ______________ 1/12 the mass of a C-12 atom
Relative molecular mass (Mr) average mass of 1 molecule of the element/compound _________________ 1/12 of mass of one C-12 atom
Relative formula mass (RFM) mass of 1 formula of ionic compound _____________________ 1/2 of mass of 1 atom of C-12
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