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Question Answer
Under what circumstances does natural increase happen to a population? When the birth rate is higher than the death rate
Under what circumstances does natural decrease happen to a population? When the death rate is higher than the birth rate
What happens to death rate in Stage 2 of the DTM? It rapidly drops
What happens to the birth rate in Stage 3 of the DTM? It rapidly decreases
Are LEDC's or MEDC's more likely to be in the early stages of the DTM? LEDC's
What is the population structure of a country? The breakdown of a population into gender and age groups
What do population pyramids show? They show how many people are in a group broken down into gender and age
Give one reason why birth rate is high during Stage 1 of the DTM No family planning
Describe how changes in agriculture affect the population growth rate If a farm needs more workers, the family may choose to have more children to work on the farm
Give one reason why the birth rate falls rapidly during Stage 3 of the DTM Education More family planning Women getting jobs so having children later
Briefly describe the population structure of a country in Stage 5 of the DTM Ageing population with very few young people
Give two social impacts and two environmental impacts of overpopulation Social: Overcrowding, faster spread of disease Environmental: over use of resources, air pollution
Give one economic impact of a youthful population Not enough economic activities to give everyone a job
Give an example of a strategy a country could use to control overpopulation China's One Child Policy
Describe what it means for a country to develop in a way that's sustainable If a country changes it's policies which can be maintained for a long time
Describe a policy used to try to control overpopulation China's One Child Policy
Give one piece of evidence that shows how effective this policy has been Rate of population growth went from 1.9% to 0.7%
What is an ageing population? An ageing population has more older than younger people
What causes an ageing population? Decrease in birth rate and death rate
Give one economic impact and one social impact of an ageing population. Economic - Strain on healthcare systems Social- Not enough workers to provide for elderly population
Describe one strategy to cope with an ageing population Retirement age increasing
Name a country that has an ageing population and describe what caused it UK, People living longer and less people being born