Secondary economic activities


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Factors influencing the location of a factory. ~Raw materials ~Labour Force ~Markets ~Services ~Transport facilities ~Capital ~Government/EU policy ~Personal Preferences Manufacturing Industry. Heavy industry: the resource materials and the produces being made are big and heavy. these industries often are dirty, noisy and polluting. An example of a heavy industry is RUSAL's Aughinish Alumina.
Light industry: the products being made are small and light. They are often located in industrial estates and they often produce electronic and healthcare products. Normally light industries are cleaner and less polluting then heavy industries. e.g Apple Multinational Corporations (MNCs) They make their products in many different countries. Their headquarters are in one country and they have branches in other countries through out the world. e.g Nestle~ Nescafe and chocolate
Footloose industry They are nit tied to one place, they are often located in industrial estates or business parks close to large cities. Sony Ireland is in Citywest Business Park Dublin, and Microsoft Ireland is in the Sandy ford Industrial Estate, Dublin. Industrial Inertia When an industry doesn't relocate, even though it may be economically sound to do so, this is called industrial inertia. e.g Sheffield in England, they have a huge reputation in steel production. Also Guinness has a lot if heritage in Dublin.
Industrialised Regions (Developed) USA, Europe, Japan and Australia these have become industrialised since the Industrial Revolution. Newly-industrial regions (Developing-quickly) South-East Asia( South Korea, China and India), Mexico and Brazil Cheap labour~ more MNCs are outsourcing production to these countries
Industrially-emergent regions (Developing-slowly) Little manufacturing takes place in these regions. they are mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, some parts of Asia and South America.q
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