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Adhan call to prayer
adultery sex outside marriage where one or both of the couple are married to someone else
Allah Islamic God
Akhirah everlasting life after death
Arafat A plain near Makkah where pilgrims gather to worship, pray and ask for forgiveness on the day before Eid ul Adha
arranged marriage A marriage for which parents take a leading role in choosing the partner
compilation gathering together into one book material from more than one source
customs accepted or habitual practice
Day of judgement the day Allah will decide about individual deeds and reward or punish people
discrimination to act against someone on the basis of sex, race, religion ect
du'a personal prayer
Eid ul Adha Celebration of the prophet ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son to Allah, ends Hajj period
Eid ul Fitr Celebration at the end of Ramadan
Hadith words and action of Muhammad
Hajj an annual pilgimage to makkah that all muslims must undertake at least once in their life
Halal any action or thing that is permitted or lawful
haram any action or thing that is not allowed
hell eternal separation from allah
Hijab modest dress for a woman means cover
the Hijrah the emigration of the prophet muhammad from makkah to madinah in 622 CE, the start of the muslim calender
Imam 1.A person who leads communal prayer 2. In Shi'ah the title of Ali and his successors
Jumuah weekly communal salah performed after midday on a friday
Ka'aba the black cube shaped building at the center of the grand mosque in makkah, all muslims always face this when they pray
Madinah From here, muhammad traveled to makkah in 622 CE, the burial place of muhammad
Makkah where muhammad was born - the center of Islam
Mihrab a niche indicating the direction of Makkah
Mina a place visited on Hajj - stoning of pillars
Minbar a pulpit for giving friday sermons
Mu'adhin the person who calls muslims to prayer
Muzdalifah the place where pilgrims hold a night prayer and rest during hajj after the stand on mount arafat
paradise a place of perfect happiness, the afterlife
Pillars of islam to believe shahadah, to pray, salah, to give to charity, zakah, to fast sawn, and to go on a pilgimage, Hajj - the five most important duties of a muslim
Polygamy being married to more than one person at once
Purdah complete seclusion, women covering their face and hands when in public
Qur'an the holy book revealed to the prophet muhammad by the angel Jibril, allahs final revelation to human kind
rak'ah actions made during salah cosisting of recitations, standing, bowing and prostration
Ramadan a month of fasting from dawn to sunset (ninth month of the islamic calender)
recitation the act of reciting from memory
revelation Allah showing himself to believers
risalah prophecy
salah prayer and worship of allah - 5 times a day - second pillar of islam
Sawm fasting of all pleasures from dawn till dusk during the 9th month of the islamic calender - ramadan
shahadah declaration of faith the first pillar of islam
Shari'ah Islamic law based on the qur'an and the sunnah
Shi'ah muslims who believe in the imamah - successorship of ali
sunnah the teachings and deeds of muhammad
Sunni muslims who believe in the successorship of Abu Bakr, umar, uthman and ali
Surah a division (chapter) of the Qur'an there are 144
Tawhid oneness and unity of allah
ummah the brotherhood of islam
Masjid the mosque
minaret the tower of the mosque that the call to prayer is said from
sadaqah good actions or voluntary payments undertaken for charitable reasons
wurdu ablutions - ritual washing before prayer
wuquf the stand on mount arafat
zakah purification of wealth by giving to the poor - an act of obligatory worship for muslims
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