Chapter 3 & 4 Review


Vocabulary for program flow
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Implementation The process of writing the course code, in a particular programming language.
Software Requirements Specify what a program must accomplish.
Software Design Spell out how a program will accomplish its requirements.
Algorithm A step-by-step process for solving a problem.
Pseudocode A mixture of code statements and English phrases sort of like a rough draft of an essay.
Testing Running a program many times with different inputs and carefully studying the results.
If Statement Lets a program choose whether to execute a particular statement.
Conditionals & Loops Lets us control the flow of execution through a method.
If-Else Statement Tells a program to do one thing if a condition is true and another if the condition is false.
While Statement Lets a program execute the same statement many times.
Iterator An object that has method that allows you to process a collection of items one at a time.
For Statement Usually used when a loop will be executed a set number of times.
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