Humanistic Approach

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Humanistic Approach Assumption every person is unique and Psychology should focus on the subjective feelings and thoughts of the person
Free Will concept of being able to act to change and decide your own development
Self-actualisation the state you are in if you have fulfilled your potential. Have a peak experience- involves feelings of ecstasy
Conditions of Worth makes the individual feel that they must act differently in order to be valued.
what is unconditional positive regard? being accepted for who we are without any conditions being attached
what happens to a persons concept of self as a result of being given conditional positive regard? creates a state of incongruence as our self concept will be different to our ideal self
conditional positive regard leads to... psychological disorders such as anxiety as you are constantly seeking approval, stops you achieving personal growth and becoming self-actualised.
Humanistic therapies show the client unconditional positive regard at all times
Concepts of self need to be congruent in order to feel happy
what is incongruence ? when the real and ideal self don't match up, creating psychological problems
concept of self therapies treat them with warmth and unconditional positive regard
too subjective but has a positive approach focuses on personal experience and looks to the future in terms of personal growth
lacks objective evidence but understands individuality emphasises subjective conscious thought
lacks reliable evidence but is more appropriate for humans rejects scientific methods
real world applicants used to develop client centred therapy for mild psychological disorders
cant generalise focuses entirely on indiviuals
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