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Question Answer
what are similar cells grouped together to form? tissues
what are tissues grouped together to form? organs
what are organs combined to form? systems
what is cell differentiation? each cell becomes specialised in structure to suit its function
how does a cell differentiate? every cell contains the genes needed for it to develop into any one kind, but only a few of these genes are turned on, the rest are switched off.
what is the term for when a gene is switched on? expressed
along with the shape of a cell, what does differentiation also vary? the number of each organelles
give an example of two cells containing different numbers of organelles sperm cell = lots of mitochondria bone cell = very few mitochondria
what is a tissue? a collection of similar cells that perform a specific function
what are two examples of tissues? - epithelial tissues -xylem
what is an organ made up off? a combination of tissues that perform different functions
which blood vessels are considered organs? veins and arteries
which blood vessel is not considered an organ? capillaries
what are three systems? -digestive system -respiratory system -circulatory system