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Quick way to see how much you remember. Also useful to test yourself if you are confident with this module of Energy for the Home.

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Heat Measure of energy
Temperature measure of hotness of a body on an arbitrary scale
Specific Heat Capacity (SHC) the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kg of substance by 1 degree Celcius
Specific Latent Heat SHL the amount of energy needed to change the state of a substance without changing its temperature
Conduction of Heat process where vibrating particles pass on extra kinetic energy to neighbouring particles
Convection when more energetic particles move from the hotter region to the cooler region and take their heat energy with them
Radiation thermal energy transfer which occurs when something hotter than its surroundings radiates heat from its surface
Ways to save energy... Loft Insulation, Cavity Walls and insulation, Draught-proofing, Thick curtains, Double glazing, hot water tank jacket
Efficiency ratio of useful energy output to total energy input. also expressed as a %
Amplitude displacement from the rest position to the crest
Wavelength length of the full cycle of wave - from crest to crest
Little diffraction is when... gap is much wider than wavelength
Diffraction the spreading of a wave when it passes through a gap or around an edge
Refraction change in speed & usually direction, when light passes through from one medium to another: air to water
S wave travel through... solids only
P waves travel.... through solids and liquids
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