IB Food Chemistry

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IB chemistry. paper 3 topic F.

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Distinguish between a Food and a Nutrient. Food: Any substance intended for human consumption. Nutrients: Any substance obtained from food and used in the body to provide energy. They are proteins, fats and oils,carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals.
Function of carbohydrates They provide energy, store energy, give structure to plants, and are a precursor for other molecules
Functions of Proteins Biological catalysts (enzymes), helping maintaining structure, an energy source, hormones, transport (haemoglobin)
Function of Lipids Energy storage, insulation and protection of organs, steroid hormones, structure of cell membrane
Primary sources of Vitamins and minerals Fruit and Vegetables
Functions of Vitamins Vit A: helping vision Vit D: Bone strength
Chemical composition of Lipids Composed of an ester molecule made of a glycerol and three fatty acids.
Chemical composition of carbohydrates Monosaccarides: Aldehydes or ketones with 1 carbonyl group and at least 2 hydroxyl groups. Ring structure present in solution. E.g. Glucose, fructose Disaccharaides: formed in the condensation of two or more monosaccharaides. E.g. Maltose
Chemical composition of proteins (Primary) Amino acids joined in a straight chain
Chemical composition of proteins (Secondary) Straight chained protein molecule that has folded. Intermolecular hydrogen bonds holds the folds in place
Chemical composition of proteins (tertiary) 3D structure of a coiled and folded protein molecule held in place by variety of different intermolecular bonds
Chemical composition of proteins (quaternary) Separate chains of protein molecules
Describe the differences in structure between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids
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