A Doll's House - Appearance vs Reality

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International Baccalaureate English (A Doll's House - Henrik Ibsen) Mind Map on A Doll's House - Appearance vs Reality, created by Edk277 on 01/07/2014.

Created by Edk277 almost 6 years ago
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A Doll's House - Appearance vs Reality
1 Nora
1.1 Nora lies about where she got the macaroons
1.1.1 "You weren't to know Torvald has forbidden them." - Nora p.40
1.2 Nora swears behind Helmer's back
1.2.1 "I've the most extraordinary longing to say: 'Bloody hell!" - Nora p.41
1.3 Nora and Helmer does not actually love each other. They have decieved themselves until 'the miracle' happened, but Helmer still believes he's in love with her.
1.3.1 Their marriage was nowhere near perfect.
2 Audience will start to see reflections of their own marriage, thus leading them to rethink their lives and marriage.
3 Mrs Linde
3.1 Strong and independent
3.2 Learn her story
3.3 Needs men
3.4 Initially helps Nora, but ends up wrecking her marriage
4 Krogstad
4.1 Initially villain, but his badness was the result of mistreatment
4.2 Not actually a villain, he actually acts well
5 Torvald
5.1 Loves Nora, but she's for his status and is his object
5.2 Demanding and controlling but he actually cares
5.3 Just have twisted moral values
6 Dr Rank
6.1 Positive impression
6.2 Sick
6.3 In love with Nora

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