Government Under Washington's Presidency

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How did George Washington feel about being the first president of the United States? Washington was nervous and maybe even sad to be president because it would take a lot of responsibility. He, however, realized that it was his job and he had to do it. In addition he didn't want to be called "Your Majesty" or anything in that nature because that was how the government was at the time back in England.
What were the five offices Congress created? Department of War, Department of State, Department of Treasury, Attorney General, and Postmaster General ... (Washington realized he had people to help carry out his duties.)
National Debt Total amount of money the government owed to others.
Budget The government's planning of their expenses. They can pay off their debt by getting a surplus and increase their debt if the deficit is too high.
Judiciary Act The law passed in 1789 to create the first Supreme Court: one Chief Justice and five Associate Justices. Today, there is one Chief Justice and nine Associate Justices because more opinions are needed and so there couldn't be a tie of votes when discussing a matter.
Bond A certificate given by the government to the people that promises to repay the money loaned, plus interest, after a certain amount of time.
Precedent An act or decision that sets an example for others to follow.
Why did Alexander Hamilton combine all the state's debt and decide to create national debt? He created it so the U.S. would have credit history and other countries would trust the U.S. more.
Speculator Someone who invests in a risky venture in the hope of making a larger profit.
Tariff A tax on foreign goods brought into the U.S.
Appeal The ability to go to a higher court in government to get your case heard.
Whiskey Rebellion A revolt or uprising of settlers in western Pennsylvania in 1794 against a federal excise tax on whiskey.
Why was the Whiskey Rebellion so important? It showed that U.S. government would be firm in times of a crisis & violence would not be tolerated.
Cause: Southerners wanted the U.S. Capital in south. Effect: Hamilton agreed if they’d honor his repayment plan. In July 1790, D.C. was planned to be ready by 1800. Meanwhile the Capital moved from NYC to Philadelphia.
What were Hamilton's plans to make a better economy? He wanted to strengthen agriculture and industry so he asked Congress to setup a national bank. In 1791, Bank of the United States deposited money from taxes into the bank. The bank issued paper money to pay government bills. They made loans to farmers & businesses growth.
Levels of Government: Judicial Branch Local: City Court, State: State Court, Federal: U.S. Supreme Court
Levels of Government: Executive Branch Local: Mayor, State: Governor, Federal: President
Levels of Government: Legislative Branch Local: City Council, State: General Assembly, Federal: Congress (Senate & House of Representatives)
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