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Taken from the files of the AQA factsheet so are as accurate as possible. Here is the link:

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Who Choreographed Rosas Danst Rosas? Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker
Which company was in charge of making it? Rosas
When was the dance first performed? 1983 (live performance), the filmed version was made in 1997
What dance style was used? Post-modern, physical with pedestrian actions and repetitive, compulsive gestures. Energetic and dynamic
What choreographic style was used? c style Highlights single parts of the body, drawing attention to small human gestures. Movements are patterned and structured to create rhythms and achieve perfect unison
What was the theme of Rosas Danst Rosas? Human behaviour, rage
What we the starting point of this piece? Music-Dance relationships
What sort of structure was used? 8 sections (film version); 5 sections (live version)
How many dancers were used in the production? Four women. Film includes inter-cut scenes with dancers from previous productions
Who directed the accompaniment/music? Thierry de Mey and Peter Vermeersch
How would you describe the accompaniment/music? Electronic, percussive, minimalist music together with the natural sounds of the dancers in action
Who designed the comstumes? Designed by Rosas
How could you describe the costumes? Drab everyday grey skirts and tops, black leggings, socks and shoes. Loose fitting and functional. They appear institutional
What sort of lighting was used? Film: natural light through the windows Live performance: Remon Fromont
How can you describe the Set? Film: takes place in the corridors and rooms of a large, austere, empty school in Belgium. Windows, doors and walls frame the action. An assortment of wooden chairs is used for one section. Live version: set by Keersmaeker
How can you describe the staging and film? Site-specific Film directed by Thierry de Mey. The camera becomes both composer and choreographer by taking us on a journey, panning and zooming, selecting and layering images to create rhythms
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