Modern and smart materials

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What are piexoelectric crysals? The controll method in printer. The expand and contract when curent is passed along them. Can convert between physical and electrical signals. (vibration & tention)
What are thermo cromic liquid crystals? Crystals that react to temperiture and change colour.
Why are Thermochromic crystals usefull? Where are they used? Thyey can show tmperiture changes using colour aids. Thermomiters, pizza boxes, beer cans (course light)
Why are piezoelectric crystals usefull? Where are they used? They controll the amount of ink released into a printer by expanding or contraction gdepending on the curent passing through it.
What is smart ink? Display technology that mimicks the apearence of ordinary paper printing. (kindle in colour) Reflects light rather than just project it.
Whaty is smart ink usefull for? Where is it used? Used to overcome ristrictions of computer monitors. Being developed for ebooks.
What is radio frequncy identification. (RFID) Tags in shops have internal systems that can be used for identification using a reader. Used to track paletts of prodicts from manufacturer to retailer.
What is a smart material? They respond to light or tempriture and change because of it. They seem to have a 'memory' so will revert back to how they were before when input is removed.
What are phosphorescent pigments? 'After Glow' / glow in the dark materials that absorb energy in daytime and release it overtime as light when in the dark.
Why are phosphorecent pignments usefull? Where are they used? They can be seen in compleet darkness. Safety signs and watch faces.
What er Liquid crystal displays? (LCD) Organ, carbon compounds. Has liquid and crystal properties. Low energy and curent uses.
Why are LCDs usefull? Where are they used? They take a very low amount of curent to run them. Ideal for portable screens; mobile phones.
What is Elecroluminescent lighing? A voltage crossed over electrodes to make a continuouse light. (the Sony sign)
Why is elecroluminecint lighting usefull? Where are they used? Low power consumption. Waterproof, reliable and highly visible. Used as phone backpight and in advertising displays to make an impact.
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