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Unit 1 and 2 Xia Dynasty
Who were the five virtuous sage kings Emporer's Yao. Shun, Zhuanxa, Huangdi, Ku
Who were the Rulers of the beginning of time? Fuxi, Nuwa, Shennong
Who gave Yu the Great his throne Shun
How did archaeologists learn about history of Ancient China By studying numerous artefacts and ancient ruins in China
What were the two earliest dynasties in Ancient China The Xia and Shang Dynasty
Why did they doubt the existence of the Xia and Shang dynasty ? They didn't find any archaeological evidence to prove the accounts.
What was the Book of Songs An anthology of Poems
What was the Book of Documents A historical record of events from the Xia dynasty to the Zhou dynasty
What was the Book of Changes A text on fortune-telling
What was the Book of Rites A text devoted to conducting religious rites and rituals
What was The Spring and Autumn Annuals A historical record of the state of Lu from 722 to 481 BC
What were the Historical Records A historical record of events from the Xia dynasty to the Zhou dynasty
What had proved that the westen historians were wromg
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