Vietnamese New Year

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Vietnamese New Year Culture

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Vietnamese New Year
1 Food


1.1 Banh Chung
1.2 Banh Day
1.3 Fruits as offering
2 Traditions
2.1 Lion Dance


2.2 Going to the temple/ church
2.3 Lucky Money ( Li Xi)


2.4 Dragon Dance


2.5 New Years Greetings
2.5.1 Peace
2.5.2 Prosperity
2.5.3 Health
2.5.4 Luck
2.5.5 Weath
2.6 Clothing, Ao Dai
2.7 2016: The year of the Money
3 Superstitions
3.1 Cleaning the home before and NOT during New Years week
3.2 The Color Red
3.2.1 Luck, Love, Celebration
3.3 Yellow means Weath
3.3.1 Prosperity, Happiness, Change, Royalty
4 Folk Stories
4.1 Origin Story
4.2 About Banh Chung


4.3 About Banh Day
5 Music
5.1 There are 4 Major Categories of New Year Music
5.1.1 After VN War Spring Songs
5.1.2 Folk Spring Welcoming Songs
5.1.3 Longing for the Motherland Songs
5.1.4 Modern Welcoming Spring Songs
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