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What is sound? Sound is something that vibrates
What type of waves are sound waves? Longitudinal waves and transverse waves
What is a sound wave? a sound wave is the movement of alternating compressions and rarefactions
What dose sound wave rely on? particles and vibrations
what is and transverse wave? transverse wave is a wave that moves up and down like a wave of an oceans
what is an Longitudinal wave? Longitudinal wave is a wave that moves back and forth in the same direction
why dose sound move faster in warmer air? sound travels faster through warmer air because the particles in warmer air move with greater kinetic energy than colder air
what is an echo? an echo is an sound wave that is being refleacted against hard objects and or hard surfaces
what happens if there are soft objects and or surfaces around when trying to make an echo? the echo won't work because the sound wave will be absorbed and converted into head by the soft objects and or surfaces and therefor will be nothing to reflect from.
what dose pitch depend on? frequency
what is frequency measured with? hertz (Hz)
what do louder sound have? greater amplitude
what is the normal audible frequency for humans? 20Hz-20000Hz
what are ultrasounds? waves above the frequency limit of the human ear
what are ultrasounds used for? medicine e.g. examination of unborn baby
what is infrasound? infrasound are frequencies that are lower than the human hearing range
how dose your ear hear? your ears collect sound waves,amplify their vibrations and convert these into electrical impulses your brain then interprets these impulses as sound
what are some hearing disabilities? ear blocked with wax, the ear is filled with fluid, sensory cells in the ear have been damaged by loud noises
what are some ways to block loud noises out? earmuffs,earplugs,and noise cancelling headphones
why is sound needed? sound is needed to hear incoming objects,your surrounding and to communicate
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