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ascetic (adj) practicing self-denial
comply (verb) to obey; to yield
condemn (verb) to criticize; to sentence
infraction (noun) violation; the breaking of a law or rule
ingenuous (adj) genuine; candid; open
meticulous (adj) careful; showing excessive details
placate (verb) to sooth; to satisfy; to appease
ratify (verb) to approve; to confirm
tact (noun) saying the right thing at the right time; diplomacy
capricious (adj) unpredictable; fickle
fowl (noun) birds used for food or hunted for game
revere (verb) to honor; to worship
static (adj) unchanging; not moving
elucidate (verb) to make clear; to explain
erode (verb) to wear away; to cause to deteriorate
innocuous (adj) harmless
mortify (verb) to shame; to humiliate
pliable (adj) flexible
recalcitrant (adj) rebellious; unmanageable; inflexible
atone (verb) to make amends; to reconcile
delude (verb) to deceive; to mislead
expedient (adj) quick, practical
garrulous (adj) talkative
lapse (noun) a decline; a move backwards
pristine (adj) pure, untouched
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