The SSAT Upper Level Test

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SSAT Word Roots
SSAT Vocab Flashcards
SSAT Word Roots
Common Word Roots
SSAT Vocab Flashcards
The SSAT Upper Level Test
1 Verbal Reasoning
1.1 Questions: 60 (30 synonyms and 30 analogies) 30 minutes
1.2 Tip: Study both word definitions and word roots to expand your vocabulary as much as possible!
1.3 Tests the strength of your vocabulary and ability to relate ideas in a logical way
2 Quantitative Reasoning
2.1 Questions: 50 total Two 30 min sections (25 questions each)
2.2 Number Concepts and Operations


  • review rational functions!
2.3 Algebra
2.4 Geometry and Measurement
2.5 Data Analysis and Probability
2.6 Tips: if you get stuck on a math question, skip it and come back at the end! And Don't forget to read the word problems carefully (wording can be tricky)!
3 Reading Comprehension
3.1 Questions: 40 in 40 minutes
3.2 Topics: Literary Fiction Humanities Science Social Studies
3.3 Tip: Skim the questions before reading each passage so you know what to look for!
3.4 Tests your ability to recognize main ideas, locate details, make inferences, and determine author's tone, and evaluate arguments
4 Writing Sample
4.1 Choose between two prompts: Creative Writing or Essay
4.2 Tips: Write an outline before you begin writing and use at least 2 personal, literary, or current event examples to support your opinion!
4.3 Writing sample is not scored, but it will be forwarded to schools that you have applied to!
4.4 25 Minutes, First section in test
5 Every section (excluding writing sample) is scored between 500 and 800 points

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